Daily Goodie Box – The Unboxing

Unboxing / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

I have heard a few things about the Daily Goodie Box. They send random people a box filled with goodies. This way people can try out new things and give their opinions. Since it is free, I assumed it would be filled with a few small samples and such. Well much to my surprise, I received one last week. It was unbelievable. I am still trying to figure out how they put so much stuff in one small package.

I mean seriously, these were all full-size products except for about two things. One, the Sriracha Hot Sauce – and they sent THREE sample packages to try out. Two, the Veve hangover prevention (hahaha – they must know me well) – but they sent two packages of it to try. Also – not only did I get foodstuff to try, they sent a few of my favorite makeup things too. New eyeliner and new lip gloss – SCORE.

Included in this box were ALL of these things:

*Prince of Peace – Lemon Ginger Honey Crystals Tea
*Liquid Ice – Energy Drinks
*Black Forest Organic – Sour Heads
*Vive – Hangover Prevention
*Mirabella – Black Magic Marker Eyeliner
*Pure Cosmetics – Pure Illuminations Light Up Lip Gloss
*Napz – All Natural Sleep Solution
*Desserts on Us – Milk Chocolate Macadamia Cookies
*Fix – Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce

Can you believe they sent all this?  For free? Didn’t even pay for shipping.

Now for the good stuff – what did I think. Most of this is amazing. Things I might not have tried without this box.

Seriously – The Kid loves sour heads, but I had no idea they came in an organic version, but Black Forest Organics to the rescue. The Kid may be grown, but if I can get him healthier junk food snacks (is that an oxymoron or what?) I am all in. He loved them. That was the first to go – I barely got a picture before he ripped the bag open. Made him save the cookies for Dad. And guess what? Dad didn’t share. I got a few crumbs out of the package.  Apparently, they were absolutely delicious. He was planning on saving me one, but couldn’t resist. HE ATE THEM BOTH! At least the crumbs were good. Desserts On Us has been added to the weekly shopping list.

I hid the rest of the box – I mean seriously, they were getting all the Goodies. I wanted some too!!! Let’s talk energy drinks – Liquid Ice. I even love the name. I’m an energy drink fanatic. I am down to one a day at the moment but have had a three to four a day habit in the past. This was delicious and only had 120 calories and only 19 mg of sodium – hooray (some of these things are loaded). The biggie for me – no jitters or hyped up feeling, just a natural energy feeling!!! They have several flavors, so I’m going have to try them all.

On the flip side of energy is sleep. I know very few women who don’t complain about lack of sleep. It must be a universal problem because most of us complain about it in some form or fashion. Men might complain too, but I don’t listen to them – haha. Really though, either we can’t fall asleep or we wake up at 3 am and are up the rest of the night. I have tried all sorts of stuff, but most things don’t help. I have actually gotten two nights of sleep in a row.  I’m the type that wakes up at 2 or 3 am, and then toss and turn for the rest of the night.  So I decided to set the bottle of All Natural Sleep Solution by Napz on the nightstand with a glass of water. Woke up at 2 am. Took two tablets and was back asleep within 30-45 minutes or so. Did not wake up groggy or with that yucky hangover feeling. Unbelievable!! Love these and I am not sharing, if he wakes up he is on his own. He can go eat cookies.

Speaking of hangovers. I also got two packages of Vive’s Hangover Prevention. Guess what – I shared these with the grown kid. He’s still at that age, almost past it, but not completely. And it was close to his birthday. He said that they worked great. Mix with some water and drink. Then you are good to go!. They are full of electrolytes, B-vitamins, and minerals – all combining to help you feel great the next day.  Apparently, they worked pretty well, he was in a pretty good mood the next day and said he felt great.

Now I am from the south, and we southerners love our tea. I had never heard of Prince of Peace – much less Ginger Honey Crystal Tea. This instant tea was truly delicious. It’s sweet with a little bit of spice. My kind of drink. It has turned cold here in the past few days, and this tea really warms you up from the inside out. I plan on keeping these on hand for the upcoming blustery days. I think it will be a perfect treat to have after shoveling the deck – I’m not ready for those days, but they are coming quickly.  This will help make them a little more pleasant.

Can you believe I have never ever tried Sriracha Hot Sauce?? I assumed it would be like other hot sauces.  Most of the ones I have tried are vinegary (yuck) and just too hot to actually enjoy.  I roasted a chicken in the Crock Pot – delicious!!! My family loves this.  Their favorite way to eat it is to pick the meat off and dip it in a tasty barbque style sauce. I hid the barbque sauce.  Fix Hot Sauce to the rescue. Nah, just kidding – they wanted to try the Sriracha. This was delicious. Not a hint of vinegar and just the right amount of heat and spice.  I loved the flavor.  This actually comes in the little packets.  This means you can always have some on hand, and you don’t have to worry about it getting old or the bottle getting gunky. Big bonus in my book.

Now – for the grand finale.   Can you imagine, makeup!  I don’t wear much – but eyeliner and lip gloss are definitely my two favorites.  The Mirabella Black Magic Marker Liner is actually like a marker with a fine tip.  It is so easy to use and it DOES NOT smudge.  The one I have been using keeps smudging in the corner – not this one!!  It is my new go-to liner.  I also got a Pure Illuminations Light Up Lip Gloss.  Say that one three times fast!  I must be out of the loop.  This not only has a mirror – It actually LIGHTS UP so you can see in the dark.  I had no idea such a lifesaver existed.  I adore the Pink Ice color – light with just enough coverage. It makes my lips feel silky smooth.   It is my favorite item from the box – absolutely a goodie in disguise!!

All in all, this has been an exciting discovery and I hope that I get another one of the fun-filled boxes in the near future.  Who doesn’t love getting the unexpected?  Almost like an early Christmas present.  Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DailyGoodieBox.  Hopefully, you can get one too.  If so, let me know what you think – I loved mine!!

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